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thank you for your input.  I do try to incorporate them in what we do and we love walks and being outside for the health reasons (but some for natural learning/development too).  I looked up the Waldorf edu and honestly it sounds a bit weird, like just mimicking being at home!  but I do wonder about it since it claims to address the whole person, and yet nothing about the spiritual/religious part.  At any rate, I'm sure there are a ton of things involved in that that I...
how long have you been on your journey?  have you see healing?  we're doing it for my son's eczema.  usually they seem fine playing alone, and I try to keep them near me/helping in the kitchen.  
understood.  thanks for your input!
wow thanks for the fast response.  I know it's hard to get resources together on the spur of the minute, but I like to do research myself and I just haven't read this yet (therefore this thread was started).  I'd really like the name of your sources so I can read myself.
most likely no.  we had a skin test, then a year later there was a blood test to measure how intense each allergy was and if it seemed like he was growing out of it.  I don't know what the tests are called.  do you mind telling me where you are getting your information that you cannot cure an allergy (heal the immune system to help it respond faster/better and end the bad reaction)?  
Just wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm on the right track or what!  I have a 3 yr old who has had both of these conditions since infancy and I am just now attacking it through the GAPS protocol.  I have read things similar and am hoping this will help him.  But his eczema suddenly disappeared during the first month then came back even worse for the last 3 months.  It's a bit better now but does this sound like it's working?  Has anyone ever healed their child of...
is it ok to bump this?  
So sometimes I wonder if I am ignoring my kids.  We are on GAPS (a pretty strict diet that is supposed to solve my oldest's problems with eczema and allergies) and that takes a lot of time with cooking/prep.  Then the regular overwhelming duties of keeping the house clean, bills, extended family, etc.  I do spend time with them and discipline them and talk to them throughout the day.  I also take them to storytime, etc. for fun.  But I still feel like I don't do stuff...
thanks for all the suggestions.. hadn't thought of those.  really?  I didn't think there was anything wrong with reselling, there are tons of buy,sell,trade stores and half-priced books, etc.  so I'm assuming it's not illegal like napster?  well, if you have more info on that, please let me know.  As an author myself, I would never want to discredit anyone's work. 
Just wondering if anyone knew a forum, blog, website, store, etc. that would be giving away books, throwing away books or selling them for only pennies.  I need to get books to sell. ~Rose
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