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Hi, everyone!! Just a quick hello! I think of you guys often even if I'm not posting much. Newborns are all consuming! Babe is 6 weeks old now - it went fast! DH is out of town for a week so I'm staying at my parents for the extra help. My sweet girl is such a good baby - I'm lucky! Keep good news coming everyone! xoxo
Sila, yay for a baby girl!!!! Lucille, thank you! Shell, whoa!! Triplets?
Thanks, everyone! She is quite the cutie pie. She is cluster feeding since yesterday, which is exhausting. At least it gives me time to check in with you guys!! xo
Snuggly baby! đź’—
Shell, I am SO freaking excited for you!!!! You deserve this, and when I read your post about the brown spotting, I just KNEW it was implantation spotting. That happened to me, too!! Oh this is amazing news. How did DH react? I'm sure there were tears, and joy and unbelievable happiness!!! Congratulations!!!
Sherry, I know . . . I hate to think about missing out on all the fun stuff!! Our finances will take a real hit, but at this point I'm caring much less. By the way, if I ever mention signing any sort of contract in the future, I'll pay you to fly here and smack me!!!   Can't wait for all the upcoming testing!!!
Indie, hey, where are you in your cycle?! Thinking of you!
Shell, thanks!! We're so excited, too. Thanks for your feedback on work . . . I know, part-time might make it so much more bearable even if it doubles the time. I'm still going to keep a lookout for transfer opportunities. Who knows, might get lucky!   Chrissy, I will tell her! :)
Hi, everyone!! Well, here I am, 3 days past my due date and just waiting, waiting, waiting! I fully expected to go a week late, so I'm not too stressed about it at all, but it is funny to walk around knowing that things could start up at any time (or my water could break in the middle of grocery shopping!). Becoming a mother is a crazy thing!   Shell, I am sooooo beyond excited for your FET in TWO DAYS!! As for the shots in the tush, I say bend over, ask hubby to...
New Posts  All Forums: