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These are AMAZING! So beautiful... I love the mother-love in their eyes and the choice of colours; muted, subtle, feminine. Thanks so much for sharing - they are inspiring :-)   I will try to scan in some of my pictures (though I haven't got any mothering ones ready yet). Any other mamas want to share? I want to see MORE!
Love 'Mariana and the Merchild' - such a lovely story. And we also like 'You, me and the breast' published by Pinter and Martin in the U.K. :-)
Oh my goodness! What a difficult situation you find yourself in. Sorry I don't have any useful advice or info. - I have no legal knowledge at all - just wanted to send virtual hugs. Hope things work out okay.
Hey greenmamato2 - just thought I'd say that it's really inspiring for me to know that you overcame your negative thoughts and went for it - and to me it sounds like your art is keeping you happy. It also sounds like it has the potential for you to earn, which is great. I'd love to see your art... in fact all the SAHM's art. Perhaps we should start a new thread and share pictures?
 Totally agree! I love reading this thread when I have a spare moment. So lovely to know that other mamas struggle to get creative but that there are WAYS of making it work. Thanks all :-)
Hi Sarabell6,    Good to meet you here; always great to be in contact with mamas who love to read and create by writing too :-)   Very best wishes to you!
I would love some more details too!
Hi Viola,   Thanks for taking the time to welcome me here. I appreciate you taking a moment to do this.   With many thanks and best wishes :-)
Hi,   Just thought I'd introduce myself; I live in the UK, I have two children (6 and 2) and I'm a breastfeeding counsellor. I also run my own publishing company from home and I love to paint and write poetry in whatever spare minutes I have!   I love reading and want to connect with other like-minded mamas who value breastfeeding, compassionate mothering and wonderful literature and art.   Looking forward to reading some interesting threads!   Thanks :-)
Hey GuavaGirl,    This is a great idea! It's wonderful to hear of such creative mamas.    You may be interested in the Mother's Milk Books project: www.mothersmilkbooks.com   I wish you the very best of luck!      
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