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Going cold turkey is definitely the way to go...I've found the first day or two can be tough, but soon my girls don't even notice, and they are the same ages as your kiddos. We recently moved to a place with free cable, and got sucked into the addiction again, but now we've unplugged it again, and we're not plugging it in until the Olympics. I let them watch movies on the computer on occasion (they're watching Doctor Who right now, actually) but not much. An hour or two...
Quote: Originally Posted by indiana ima clicked the link, read the summary, can't read that much het. looks interesting for those who like het, tho! does she ever write slash? : Yeah that. I had het sex just this morning! Also, about the Dumbledore/Hat fic...didn't ruthla write that?
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie Shacka lacka swish! I'd forgotten! who could forget. :P Quote: Originally Posted by indiana ima viola, do you rememebr which harry/draco you read? that's my primary ship. Quote: Originally Posted by Helen White H/D here as well! Me three. With a side order of Remus/Sirius...since I've devoured all the Nick/Greg fic I can find (CSI fandom wooo)...
DD1 is four and 45lbs, and she's still harnessed and will be as long as possible. Her seat harnesses to 65 lbs, and is then a belt positioning booster until 80. DD2 is going to be the same, she is rf in a radian 65 right now, and will stay there until I have another babe...since we only have room for one rf seat in our car. And, since I'm not pg yet, I'm happy. Of course, she will also stay harnessed until 65 lbs. People are always surprised at both. I would rather...
I'd vote never as well. We don't buy it, it's overprocessed and packaged, and it really isn't cheese. We eat cheddar, mozza, parmesan, feta, brie, german butter cheese is a favorite. Laughing cow and cream cheese are also big in our house, but my dd will eat all and any of them. I make grilled cheese with grated cheddar/mozza and it tastes fantastic! edited to add, dd also loves cheese strings.
The cross is a symbol of the sacrifice made, so it's very appropriate. The fact that it's empty is key in my mind.
umm, no. skip the tomatoes on mine, please.
13 months, but only because she had reached the weight limit on her seat and I could not find one that went higher ANYWHERE. I'm lucky with dd2, we'll be ordering her a Radian Premier soon to keep her rf longer. I was also happy to find a seat that is keeping dd1 harnessed ff though,. Canada needs more good seats. :/
girl, girl.
He LOVES the cloth and can't imagine ever switching. He is very open about our stance on vaccines and is willing to back me up/take up the gauntlet if need be. He is 100% behind unschooling, and has been planning things he wants to teach the girls since dd1 was born. He loves cosleeping too, the snuggle time is very important to him. He is very anti-circ, being intact himself. He loves babywearing, we switch off when we're out. He is totally sold on AP and is sad...
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