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Noserves, I'm just catching up on this thread and was so sorry to read that one of your twins didn't make it.  Sending you and your partner a big hug, I know how badly both babies were wanted.  
i'll play!
well, not at the same time, but i've eaten a LOT of both.  i've been eating hamburger-sliced pickle chips right out of the jar on a daily basis & my freezer is stocked with several cartons of ice cream (i can't resist edy's girl scout ice cream flavors!!) and two boxes of nestle's drumstick ice cream cones.  yum!   the mama below me is planning/hoping for a VBAC.
my favorite lately is BLTs with ripe, summer tomatoes from the farmers' market:  thick sourdough bread toasted and smeared with a bit o' mayo and lots of salt and pepper, crisp iceberg lettuce, thickly sliced tomatoes, and (because we are vegetarian) morningstar "bacon."  yum...i could eat that every night!!    and, to be a cliche pregnant woman, several pickles on the side!    ----   ETA:  natalie, we had fried potatoes earlier this week.  soooo good!!
thanks for doing this! i was also thinking we needed a thread like this (but so far, i'd been too lazy to start it myself! )   * username: Junebug1 * edd: 12.05.12 * baby #4 (but second i've birthed) * hospital birth, hoping for a vbac * no idea on baby's sex - i've been wrong 3 out of 3 times before! we are waiting until birth to find out, so you can put me firmly on "team yellow/green"!
i am so sorry for your loss.  my first pregnancy ended the same way, i know how absolutely devastating it is...  sending you strength and thinking of you and your lost bean   
i do, and have an appointment scheduled later this week, thankfully.  i'm also feeling like shaving my head - i don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or the beginning of summer's heat.  ugh!     the mama below me is going to cloth diaper her december babe.
hi, i'm on intramuscular progesterone-in-oil injections and crinone suppositories (because my cycle was an IVF/FET i had to supplement with progesterone). my doc also said to stop at 12 weeks, so i'm slowly weaning off this week.  i did the same thing with my last pregnancy and it was fine.  after 10-12 weeks, the placenta takes over progesterone production, so your body doesn't need the supplement any longer.  i know it's scary to give up the meds though...good luck.
i am!  ultrasound this morning showed the babe measuring 11w6d, so that has me hitting 12 weeks tomorrow!!     i've been feeling awful and am hoping things improve soon.  with my last pregnancy i was sick, sick, sick until week 26, so i'm really hoping this time is better.  ugh.
...when you take two naps on a Sunday, then sleep 9 hours Sunday night, and wake up Monday morning bone-tired exhausted!
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