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Moms of 2+ kids: how have your pregnancies compared re: morning sickness and the sex of your babies?  Have any of you experienced very different pregnancies and yet had 2 girls or 2 boys?   When I was pregnant with our daughter, I was so sick - I threw up all day long from week 9 - 26 (probably, in hindsight, should have been hospitalized).  This time, I feel nauseated constantly, but haven't thrown up at all yet (I'm almost 11 weeks now).  I know there are some...
I couldn't get to a computer yesterday, so I'm belated in my wishes, but I hope all of our mamas and first-time mamas-to-be had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday!!
revolting - i love the name Hazel! we already have a child with a color name though, so we cant use it :(   shiloh - that's too funny.  our kids all have "odd names" (at least not top 100 names), so i do wonder if they'll name their own kids things like "jane" or "john"!
tibris - great names! we considered both samuel and evelyn before.   katroshka - how to you pronounce Ylva?
Does anyone have any early thoughts on baby names?    We tend to wait until delivery to make a final decision, but we are having trouble with even creating a "short list" at this point. Seems to get harder and harder with each babe...
the diapers wash separately from other clothes, so there really isn't an issue.   we do a cold rinse first, then start the machine over for a full cycle (hot wash, cold rinse) w/soap.  by the time that has all finished, the machine is perfectly clean.  and, like the others have said, using a diaper sprayer gets rid of most of the solids before the diapers even hit the machine.   good luck.  we've got three in cloth diapers and love them.
colleen & kale - my pregnancy is from a FET cycle too!  we already have one set of twins though, and couldn't really handle another, so i'm happy that it's ya'll expecting multiples and not me! if you haven't already, check out Dr. Barbara Luke's book "when you're expecting twins, triplets, or quads" - it's a great guide for ensuring a healthy twin pregnancy.  congrats again to you both!!
welcome soren!! and omg congrats Nos! twins are so much fun, congratulations!!
yay pokey!!! congrats!!!!!!!!
we found out with all of our previous children, but this time i want it to be a surprise.  we'll see if i still feel the same way at the anatomy scan!
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