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kale - check out the Parenting Multiples board, they'll give you tons of advice about gear.  i'll tell you for our twins, we had infant seats and loved them.  they were in them for the entire first year +. with two, being able to pick them up out of the car with a handle and carry easily is invaluable. it's SO much easier to carry to carseats than two squirming infants, i promise!  
I think that's a great idea, I was thinking the same thing myself!
mtnlisa - so excited to see you over here! (i'm on the QC and Q&P boards too).  have you gotten your beta back yet??   congrats to all the new members, so excited for you all!!
in my last pregnancy, i was queasy, but didn't start throwing up until i was over 9 weeks pregnant.  currently, im in the middle of my 8th week and the queasiness/gagging is really picking up --- i think i'll be puking soon.  ugh. 
congrats mtnlisa!!!!  fingers crossed for darkening lines and a beautiful beta!!  
congrats kale!! twins are so much fun!!
hi M,   first, sending you a   on the difficult decision. sounds like you've done an amazing job nursing your little one!!   i weaned my 27 month old in january in preparation for an IVF cycle.  at that point, she was only nursing a few times a day, so we initially cut it back to just morning/bedtime. she caught on quickly that "nursing is for night night time" and accepted it.  a few weeks after that, my dp started putting her to bed at night instead of me, so...
Welcome Edith and congrats mamas!!!!
ad astra - congrats, congrats!!      i hope the feeding issues get squared away soon and you are able to take them home.  how in the world did you keep it a secret that you were expecting twins??? what a FUN surprise to share with you friends and family at delivery!!   rainbow - im so sorry to hear about the stress, saddness, and worry right now.  sending you      
isa - also grabbing my popcorn    hope the birth is smooth (and soon, for your sake!).      steph - i hope the "feeling better" part is just around the corner for you.  water aerobics sounds great.  i was doing that before i got pregnant, but they dont offer a specific pregnancy class.  boo.  i've been gently swimming some laps instead.  being in the water is so nice, im hoping i can keep it up throughout the pregnancy.
New Posts  All Forums: