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I must have had a seriously mild case! (It went away in no time!) 
Hi!   I'm new here, so hoping Im' doing this all correctly. I'm new at a lot of things actually, like being a mom and breastfeeding and the whole nine yards. So I have an almost 3 week old baby (WOAH!) who is a nursing champion (as well as a cuteness champion). He eats very often, is growing big and chubby and I am sooo happy nursing is going well. Well until yesterday. I got a breast infection. :(   My midwife recommended all kinds of herbs and vitamins and...
I have that problem too sometimes! I am curious as to what BTDT mamas have to say. 
We joked about duct taping a bottle of soap to the baby's onesie, haha. But seriously, for the FTMs that are still pregnant, take this SERIOUSLY!
That would have REALLY benefitted me a couple weeks ago!
I for one totally approve of Kellen Zane. :) And I agree, it definitely goes with with Ian and Owen. 
I had a C-section after a long labor and was so disappointed. It sounds like you had some really unaware medical staff attending to you at your birth though. It can really be so devastating to have your birth go so astray from your plans. Mine was calm and considerate, but I'm still so upset about it. We really tried everything to have my baby born vaginally, but after 36 hours of back labor without him engaging properly, and then with his heart rate dropping, there just...
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