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You can add me to graduates.  After something around 5 BFP and 2 sort of maybe BFP's I'm calling it. We are expecting and due December 18th!   Telling family today at Easter, even though it's ridiculously early.   I like the idea of telling them on Easter that we expect a Christmas baby, and I know that even if the worst was to happen, they would want to know early anyway. (My mom and sister are super close and do a lot together on a regular basis.) Plus, they all...
lol, that's a great first "belly" shot.  I'll post mine later too. hehe.
Hellooooo round Ligaments!  They have made their presence known really early this time.  I actually felt some in yoga only 5 dpo, which I know is technically impossible, but there ya go. Then the day before I tested it started up daily and its at least 50% of the times I go from sitting to standing or turn in my sleep or cough.  sigh.    5th time being pregnant, though we lost the last one at 14 weeks.    I guess my body just knows what's up that much earlier....
Hey!  We found out last week that we are expecting in December.  I think the 18th.  We've been trying a couple months, this is our 4th (well, my 5th pregnancy, but we lost our last little at 14 weeks) and final.  Very excited!   In fact I think I'm going to break the news to family today, I think it'll be fun to tell them on easter that there will be a new addition come Christmas. Alos, since it's been a secret that we were trying, this is a "fake account" and I'll...
Rae- I hope yours is a sticky bean too!   ( I dont want to admit how many tests I've taken in the last 24 hours. I'm officially crazy. )   Um, I was frustrated with the barely there faint lines so I ran out and grabbed some FR Digital and it said +yes.   Ok, I think I really am.    wheee! and I'm only 10 dpo too but I've had 9-10 day LP so this is when I'd be due for AF or late. 
Why no ONE thread for this week?  I guess any of us could have started one, lol.   I got 2 faint bfp last night!  This mornings were even fainter, and didn't show til around 7 minutes, but my FMU is weak, I'm realizing.     Not fully convinced yet, but I really do think I'm preg!
travelmumma, there is an April 2WW thread that others are in now.  
Hm, apparently a few days ago when I posted here it didn't go through. hrm.    I am currently 10 dpo (short LP, too so at the latest I was expecting a temp dip by now even if I didn't start AF til later in the day).  And I got 2 faint BFP yesterday afternoon.  tested again today and one was even fainter and the second was barely existent, if looked at in the right light lol.   I've been realizing the past couple months that my FMU is just not that potent though,...
Yeah, that is what seemed instinctive to me.  I waited til 3 dpo and had crosshairs and now am using a tiny bit  I'm 4 dpo now, yay.
For those that use progesterone cream, do you start after you O, during the LP?
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