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Thanks for your recs I will look into them. Dieting while nursing had always been too hard for the first year bc thank gd my babies r nursing champs and they eat a lot! I have various allergies and unfortunately cannot have whole grains, fruits or nuts, the super foods that can help many pp. but I will give the 80% thing a shot!!! My husband and I have actually been very conscious of chewing food as much as we can before swallowing and have noticed a big difference in how...
Hi. I have abt 5 weeks to go give or take and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do to lose my baby weight. This is #3 for me, and the weight came on all to easily bc I was just so hungry this pregnancy. Anyway, my availability to go exercise out of the house is non-existent and I generally need a lot of motivation o work out, even though I enjoy it. I am def out of shape and have been too tired (I know exercise helps with that) to do anything consistent at this...
Thanks! I think I may have found someone!!
Can anyone recommend a good OB in the Pikesville/Baltimore area?
Well, I map-quested it and Anni is like 3 hours away from me. I'm now considering Special Beginnings, its only abt 50 min away. I should find out for sure in a few days but I'm pretty sure I will get a positive hp test in a few days ;-). Now the rush is on. Has anyone used special beginnings? I'm totally bummed abt not delivering at home and hope something changes in a few months...
It took me a long time to get comfy with the idea of home birth and I decided at the last second (2 wks bef due date with my second) and he was born two days later!!! If not for kids being in scho I'd consider going bk to NY too!! I think if nd b I will just start with an OB and pray that something changes! Annapolis is abt an hour from me, that's scares me!! :( thanks for your sympathy!
So apparently Anni moved to PA!! I think I'm out of options
Is Anni Rodriguez a CNM? I have gotten mixed info most of which was not current. 
Awesome I'll look into it! Thanks!!
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