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WOO-HOO!! : : Hope everything goes as you and Dh plan. Can't wait to hear an update
Personally I wouldn't do it at all because of the known carcinogens in dyes. I don't know a whole lot about it but I do know that The American Cancer Society says that dyeing while preggo appears to "cause no significant increase in risk for cancers". For them to tell me there is no "increased risk" or that it's "probably safe" is a little iffy. However, if you look outside of the box and read cancer stories or read particularly about macrobiotics (promoting...
Looks great mama!! That yarn knitted up very nice I've always thought of using some lambs pride but thought it might be too itchy. Mind if I ask what line/content the stuff you used is?
Jenn, I know exactly how you feel. With DD they tried a version. She went halfway and then flipped back...went halfway again...and flipped again. All I could visualize was her poor little face saying..."Mommy! That hurts make him stop! So I did. I remember how it was with the pain too. My stomach was bruised and Red. It's definately an experience.Telling someone about it just does not do it justice.Though I don't recommend it to anyone. Good Luck with your...
Dawn, I've never made the seed stitch but that looks alot like whats in my S-n-B book. She says you can call it the seed stitch or it's called the moss stitch by the british. It's made by Knitting the purls and purling the knits instead of the regular way. That what you did?
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride As I've said here before, other people can call it a birth if they want to. But, I have no desire to "connect with the experience" after the fact when I wasn't connected at the time. I just wanted to Thank you for saying this. I whole hartedly agree. I think I will always feel this way.
Mine is b-o-r-i-n-g My name is Melanie...but sometimes go by Mellie..and Lynn is my middle name. I'm so creative....lol
I personally don't use acid dyes when I dye my yarn. I use cake dye or kool aid. (you can google on directions for that) Here is a few links that are similar to how I dye mine.(but with cake dye) http://www.scknitting.com/winter2005...ow-dyeing.html http://www.ashascorner.blogdns.org/home/dyeing.html or http://www.neauveau.com/dyeingyarn.html I just googled "how to dye wool" Really, you wont get what you want everytime you dye yarn. Sometimes you'll...
For boy colors I think that blue and green go together well. Also, red with orange or brown and orange. If you wanted something more you can google "colorways" or "handpainted wool yarn" to get inspired. hth
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