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My mom (bless her heart) calls literally 20 times a day to ask how I'm feeling. I had to quit telling her that I was feeling changes or pains. I always get a call first thing in the morning. I'm with ya mama...It can get annoying. It wont be long now
I also wish you the best. As some of the PP have said. Make sure your husband is there 100% of the time if you cannot speak for yourself or your babies. Having had 2 c-sections myself....Afterwards you can be confused,scared,emotional,tired or really drugged up. ( I was anyway) That's no time to be argueing with doctors and nurses about what you want for your babies. I hope that you don't have to wait 12 hours to see them. Maybe demanding they be fed your milk you will...
I just re-read my post...It was sort of allover the place,sorry about that. LOL I was pretty much trying to say that I didn't want to have her in 19 days if she was going to be too early. I guess it probably is from her being breech. I'm trying to not let it bother me too much. I guess we will see what the US measures her at this time. With DS and DD they told me they'd be 5-6 pounds and they were 8! DD was almost 9. My next appt is the 28th...same day as US. I...
Dr told me yesterday at my appt that I'm measuring small!? ARGH!!! I've only gained 13 pounds this pregnancy but trust me gals...I eat like a horse. I used to be all picky about what I ate too pre pregnancy. Recently I've been binging on vanilla cookies and sweets of all kinds. I told her...I have 8 pound babies..I'm not at all worried. (if you've seen my belly pics you'll see I'm pooching out pretty far,not to mention I now have 3 stretch marks) She says I'm...
Huggs mama! I remember back while pregnant with DS DH worked 10 hour days so I was pretty much home with DD all day alone. I asked my brother (who has 2 kids) how I would ever be able to love another baby as much as I loved DD. I didn't feel like I could spend the time DD needed with me while making sure DS was also taken care of. His exact words to me were....."You just do it....It will come naturally.You'll see.After DS gets here..you wont be able to imagine DD...
Ladies, Please...Don't laugh.. (though I'm sure you will anyway..lol) I'm about as broke as I can get. I can't afford a yarn ball winder and I found this. http://www.geocities.com/mama_bear_007/Yarn_Winder.html I don't have the handheld..but I do have a kitchen aid. Anyone try with success?I think I'm going to give it a shot tonight. I'm bored with knots! Thanks
I have never made socks though I plan to sometime in the near future. Have you checked out this video yet? http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting...ed_techniques/ Then go down to "Working the heel of a Sock" Maybe that will help? I wish I had better advise. I just watched the video and she gets to the part where she leaves stitches on the needle and then turns the work. HTH?
: I also saw it at my LYS and thought the same thing. I've never used it though. I'd be interested in knowing if it's worked for anyone too. Do you have pic of the blanket? I'd love to see how it knits up.
DD #1 3 days late DS #2 2 weeks early
HI ladies Since you had a bad experience with a co-op can you direct me to one that you've had good experiences with? I've been looking for one this morning and don't want to join a dud. TIA
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