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Kristina, That's still a good story,interventions or not Sounds like a great hospital that was willing to do whatever they could for you. With all that happened I'm so glad you didn't have to have a c-section. Take care and enjoy little Sydney (love the name btw) and I hope nursing gets a little easier.
Wowsa!! Congratulations mama! Glad to hear all is well. Also,Don't forget the cabbage leaves for the soreness. Can't wait to read your story
I tried. They flat out refused. I tried talking to other drs too. I'm thinking it's just the norm where I'm from. 1 c-section they'll let you have a trial of labor...2 you can forget it. They have no problems scaring the heck out of you with "uterine rupture" but thats another story. With DD they actually tried a version,and she flipped back. Seems like my girls like staying butt down..lol I don't give up that easy..I'll try to get her to flip on her own and see what...
My lil one is a girl and she just kicks and flips like she knows Kung-FU. Everyday I'm counting movements too. Sometimes she gets SUPER quiet and I have to drink something cold to get her moving again. Shes definately out of room...I've got 2 new stretch marks to show for it. :
Yes, there was a bit of bleeding at first. Not like flowing blood but when I wiped it was on the TP and it was more than just streaks. TMI I know That was at midnight last night...now it's 10 am here and it's just tinged mucus. (samsmama) I'm sure it's different for everyone..but the tinged mucus looks like..and this is gross..but like if you had a nosebleed and blew your nose after the bleeding stopped.Theres a little blood leftover in the tissue in the mucus. ...
OMG! Talk about nervous. Baby was moving around so much tonight. I went to go to the bathroom like I always do...every 10 minutes. There was blood...at first drab red..then pink... now nothing. Thank goodness it's not bright red. This happened with DD about 4 weeks before I went into labor with her. No show at all with DS. I'm not in pain...and this baby will have to be born c-section that isn't even scheduled yet. She is still breech. My next appt isnt until Oct 21 so...
HOw exciting!!! Can't wait to hear the birth story. OMG....time sure has flown..soon enough we will all be posting that it's baby time! : : :
Along with knittinghelp.com http://learntoknit.lionbrand.com/ was really helpful. You could also get books from the local library. I think I read Knitting for dummies and The Idiots guide to knitting and crochet. All really helpful Good Luck
I'm sorry I guess I lost it in my last move. UGH! It was the Playtime food pattern book by Marty Clark If you can get your hands on that book, it's has great patterns in it Good Luck and I hope you find something
I have a bananna pattern for crochet.. I just have to dig it up
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