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I agree on the yellow and lavender..I just bought some last night,along with the free ship code. Can't wait to get it!
Yes THe loom works really well...I just bought the one from Michaels.Knifty Knitter. It's on sale I think for $10.93.You can also get it at wally. The only downfall is the "picker" is kind of sharp. I have to keep an eye on DD. Have fun!
AH-HA! Ok I have it now..lol Actually I was going in through the back instead of the front on the knit stitch ...and that's why my stitches were twisting. I decided to undo the peach pants I was working on and started over..The link swimmin_mama gave is working perfect for increase. I guess this was a good example of what can happen when you teach yourself. Thanks ladies..you are a great help! Theresa, I hope you are feeling better
Well I ended up calling the Dr and they told me to go to L&D. Just to be sure.After a lovely pelvic exam by a dr that didn't want to be bothered by me..... All is well. I 'm guessing it was just some scar tissure pulling out of place (yes,painful) or a ligament popping. Thanks for the advise Take care all
I finally took another pic 33 Weeks 2 days http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL1182.../113341037.jpg
Oh wow! That is easy. Why didn't I see that before..lol Thanks again mama
Thank you everyone for your help Yes I am doing yarn over..really that's all I know how to do to increase.I thought that would work just fine. : I'm still pretty new to knitting soakers,or anything really. I will try all your suggestions and look at knitting help.com again and see what happens. mommamin There is a hole it's big enough for me to notice..I can stick my pinky finger through it.
I was getting up off my mothers leather couch today and on my right side....I heard a loud pop! It freaked mom out as she thought my water broke. It didn't really feel like a muscle popping but more like right under my scar. I have 2 prior c-sections and my right side was always longer to heal plus I think I might have some scar tissue from last time. Thats what I'm thinking this was...Scar tissue releasing from wherever it was attached. Does that sound wierd to...
Something you might want to think about is that if you do most of the cooking, to make about a weeks worth of crock pot meals and freeze them. That way you or DH can throw it in and not worry about dinner. I'm like you with the laundry only I'm so backed up I actually did 16 loads yesterday...and I still have more to go.
Thanks for responding The hole is actually bigger than it's supposed to be..I think it's just from adding an extra loop which I need to do to increase. Theres only 3-4 larger holes in the soaker..they just look odd to me.
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