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Hi all. Can someone LMK exactly how to increase on circular needles without leaving holes? When I get to the next round it's pretty obvious. : I've tried looking on knittinghelp.com and other places but I'm not having any luck. Is there a certain way it twists over the working needle? If you want to see a pic...it's in my blog
VERY Nice mama! I also LOVE the pink pants and hat set. I have some fabric that is almost exact to those colors.
I was just thinking the samething last night.I was just going to try to wing it but I'm interested in what others have to say. :
I would be interested too. I'll be watching for details.
cynotgirl, I don't know if you like them but also eating lots of leafy green vegetables 1-2 times a day will give you all the iron you need. Kale,Collard,mustard greens...ect. I'd watch your sugar intake if you can as Refined sweets actually deplete minerals from your body (iron and calcium, mainly) I only know this because with my prior pregnancys my iron was low too. HTH Melanie
My DS ultrasound also showed what the tech thought were CPS. I freaked! I was so scared. They asked me if I wanted genetic testing..ect. I declined. Dh and I just went along for the ride hoping for the best and had 2 more ultrasounds. At the next ultrasound...THE NEXT month. They told me to not worry anymore. They never really told me if they were really there... My ds just turned 2 on the 4th of July. I've worried about this all through his infancy and just...
I too know the feeling,but I get the "look" more than the comments. My ex-SIL used to be overweight (after 3 kids) until she left my brother and turned into a drug user and overall psycho.Shes gone from about 200lbs. to about 98 lbs. She still stops by to see her daughter (that my brother is raising) and brow beats me. She used to always tell me how thin I was and how cute I looked in this, that,,,ect. Now, She just looks and sometimes laughs. Like, Ha ha! Your not...
Hello Ladies I'm in the proces of talking to a local farm about buying some wool in bulk. They are going to get back to me on pricing. I was wondering if any of you would mind telling me how much you would pay and for what amount of wool? I've yet to ask how it is packaged...ect. At this point all I know its already cleaned and roved (??) but not spun. What questions should I ask? I pretty much just want to buy wool local...get it spun or spin it myself...make the...
I used the Avent isis with my Ds and DD. It was awesome! It always worked well for me and I always got a bottle full. The bad part was that it does cost $40-ish and the plastic rim broke on mine. I was so broke at the time I just taped it. Awful I know.. :LOL but it worked. Sorry I cant help more but I haven't used the other pumps. Just the Medela Pump In style and the isis. I know for sure you can find reviews on epinions.com
Jenn, I know how you feel mama I think my nesting instinct clicked in this week for me too. I'm pretty much going through things and setting them in 2 piles like on the TV show "Clean Sweep". One to keep and one to Charity...or sometimes garbage. Then go through my keep pile again..If I haven't used it in the last 6 months and don't plan on using it in the next 3 months...(excluding baby clothes) I toss it. It's been hard for me to let go of somethings but other...
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