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Thanks Shantimama
Thanks a million GoddessKristie, the article was really helpful.  I don't really plan on co-sleeping thats why I have been planning to buy a cot of a combo cot-dresser-changing table. For the diapers I will do both the disposables will be for outdoors (its very difficult to keep a  soiled cloth diaper in your bag when outdoors especially with 40C temp), and I hope to be able to breastfeed the first three months then when I resume work I'll do artificial and breast...
Thanks for the info well I think I'll just forget about that. But its a very nice concept I'll look out for one that will be organised for international participants  
Hi everyone , I'm presently TTC and living in Africa entails a very heavy and lengthy preparation in advance plus most stuff is sold outrageoulsy expensive here. This will be my 1st so I would like to have the list of things your need to buy to prepare for the arrival of this precious gift!!!! My partner and I are currently looking for a new appartment with at least two bedrooms and a new car, help I cant think of anything but the cot lol and I have to import from...
If its oppen to every one then I will love to participate
Hello Tear you say I open up a thread there where? and also do we actually have to ask before we join a thread or a group? I have a had time reading the threads because of the abbreviations, Im not familiars with them is there a place where I can find the key? :)  
Thanks aHikaru cant wait to have a positive , by the way do I have to write threads each time I want to discuss or can someone indicate me a group I can join or can I start one? Thanks again for your warm welcome, I got it out! I have to wait for my first cycle but as you correctly guessed I've started!  
Same to you, Im not used to the abbreviations yet lol but I guess ttc is trying to conceive right? well I hope we both reach our goal  
Thanks, Tear78 Ialready love being here, I am already trying though I am supposed to wait my first period I hope that will be soon   i'm just overexcited!!!! Thanks for your warm welcom  
Thanks I just did and it works, I was a little shy to post! Thanks again
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