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I have  no symptoms at all, I got a very late BFP at 27DPO and because of the BFNs I got earlier my GYN put me on a prolactin inhibiting drug thats when all hell break loose. I had a severe abdominal cramps I thought I'd pass out. SO I got my BFP yesterday i'm due Jan 21 but I'm still very cautious waiting for the next ultra sound to be sure its not ectopic cause I have just one functioning fallopian tube. Sorry for your losses.
EDD: Jan 21 #Pregnancy/baby: 1/1 Your age/age at the birth:27/28 How long did it take to get your BFP: 2 months Birth plans: birth center water birth Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: I just hope I get a healthy baby Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): None Anything else!: No
Hi Ladies, Sorry for your loss Teamviddy  you will certainly get pregnant again soon! Lilac  happy for you and your DH!!! I got 2 BFPs on Sat and Sun I'm still taking it very calmly caused I'm scared something might happen or it could be ectopic given that I have only 1 healthy fallopian tube. So I'm waiting on the ultrasound by the end of this week. Happy baby dust
Hello ladies, I finally got a BFP at 27DPO after a long series of BFN. Its not over until AF shows up!! Congrats bfw0729!! Happy baby dust everyone
Hi wonderful ladies I am I dont know what on saturday evening I did a pregnancy test because from the day I started my treatment for prolactimemia I started having terrible lower abdominal pains it was like my uterus was being ripped apart so I felt may be just may I could get a BFP and repeated it yesterday morning. Here are the pics in the order they were taken      The pain was caused by antagonistic effect of the pregnancy and the medication against milk...
Hi everyone, Welcome to all the new members may you stay here be short. I'm at 26 DPO still no AF I have no prego or AF symptoms just this excruciating lower abdominal pain at night between 2 and 4 a.m. After the BFN I got at 17DPO I dont know hwat to think. Keep wondering on what could be going on in my body. Happy baby dust
 librarygirl! Congrats on your marriage happy honey moon, all this sounds soooo romantic! Happy baby dust to you. Thanks a lot for your concern Bailey it much needed and appreciated
Thanks Ramzubo its reassuring to know that I'm not alone in this world
Waiting on more BFPs!!
Hello Everyone! Now my Ob/GYN discovered that my right fallopiane tube is about 3 times the size of my left tube and "glued" to my uterus. He says the gluing might have been caused by scars or by an infection. Three months ago I underwent a treatment a a cyst at the right ovary don't know if its linked but the cyst is gone. He went through my history this is generally caused by PID I've never had Clamydia or Gonhorea My personnal hygiene is perfect I dont have any...
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