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  Fisrttimettc baby dust to you!!!! I'm sure you have enough swimmers to give him a day break on BD. Your dream just make me feel like you are really touched by the fact that your SILs have kids and you dont YET, don't worry its gonna happen when its gonna happen if its not already happened
http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3c58ea This is the right link. GobecGo I sure will need your company . There is apparently a strong link between you dreaming of your mom and getting pregnant I guess she's making sure all her descendants are fine. I know I sound a little crazy but I do believe that life doesn"t end wih death. My mom always dreams of her dead father (my grand father) when she is in extreme stress and can hardly find solutions and guess what? the next...
Is it the kind of people who loe been dominated? I don't I'm just trying to understand. Is it women who are supposed to like being not taken in consideration? Or those who are in abusive relationships?or those who are strongly religious or again is the word submissive too strong and you are refering to women who support their husbands and accompany them in decision making without really making any decision themselves? Am I making any sense?? :))
Hi everyone, I would love for this tribe to be revived cause I need advise, I'm a 34E TTC and and its already becoming saggy I feel terrible, I am scared ny what I wil look like by the time I'm pregnant!
hi everyone, its seems this forum has been deserted, or did you post a new thread?
Hi, y'all! wannabmomkt   Yesterday I had AF so today i'm in CD2 can I be moved to waiting to o. I will need some help here, please take a look at my chart the fertile days it indicates don't match the OPK test I did on CD13 and 14. I'm completely lost! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/index.php?interface=4   Can some one explain to me? Plus I've never had this short cycles mine were always at least 30 days I just don't know how to calculate it. Thank you...
Welcom from a Cameroonian member! Yes I know I beat everyone on that one I'm the only one around, I cant even find a tribe!
Im 28 ttc
Welcome to y'all ,  I'm new around too 28 and ttc. Congrats to you MAMAWENTZ!!! Hope all goes well with you and Dylan and the bundle of love. Congrats to you too MCK211, rlrtorr I guess working is like riding a bicycle! You'll fit right back in1
Dakipode:  I'm doing ok actually resumed work so I guess I'm fine. Good luck to you!!! FreedEM11:  Love your positive attitude GoBecGo: I hear you! 4 Days after ovulation I was reading meaning in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! A headache, a cramp, a slight nausea I was so anxious I would have passed out by now if it wasnt for the malaria. I'm confident you'll get the BFP!!!  
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