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I've liked Gaia on Facebook and already have Mothering liked.  :) 
Would love to win this basket!  What an awesome offering! 
For keeping it simple to birth, think of the things that bring you the most comfort and have that near you.  Read as much as you can about giving birth and be prepared to birth on your own, because there is no guarantee that your birth attendant will arrive in time or that you will make it to the birth center/hospital if that is your planned place of birth.  Being prepared means you will have the necessary items on hand (which really isn't much) and the fear that might...
I'm north of Bemidji  :)
I'm just north of Bemijdi 
I pmed you.  :) 
This is a photo of  my hubby and I with baby # 6 just a few weeks before he was born  
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