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Here I am at almost 18 weeks (I will be 18 weeks tomorrow). It's bigger here as it's evening, I feel like it is smaller when I get up in the morning. I also have the phenomenon a lot of people have mentioned here of it getting bigger and smaller depending on bloating, constipation, etc. Am looking forward to when it's just a straightforward pregnant belly but also enjoying this interesting stage.   As you can see my dog was very curious about this photo...
Update- I got my preliminary FISH results today and no down's syndrome, trisomy 13 or 18! A healthy baby boy! We are beyond relieved and overjoyed. We get the full results next Wednesday and it's very unlikely anything will show up there according to the doctor.   Just had to share! :D
Thank you NewMumJoy!  You are right, I need to try to hold on until I hear from the doctor.. I've never felt so impatient in my life!    Best of luck to you as well - if they didn't comment on your tests yet then probably all is great! :)
Yes you are right, the waiting is definitely the most difficult thing! I was told I might get the preliminary FISH results today and I just saw a call from my doctor and my heart started beating like crazy. They were just telling me the results won't be ready until tomorrow :( So now another day to wait!   I can't imagine how hard that must have been for your friend- so scary! I'm glad everything ended up well for her and hope that your results are excellent!
Thanks LilyTiger! I'm finally feeling better as of the last couple weeks- a lot more energy and almost no nausea! Before I felt nauseated night and day! How about you? :)
Hi All,   I'm brand new here and tried looking for a thread about this, I'm sorry if there already is one and I didn't find it! I'm excited to be here and have a place to discuss what's going on with myself and others. I'm home from work today as yesterday I had an amnio and I'm resting for 24 hours. I got a call from my doctor when I was at work yesterday (I'm a teacher) and was surprised to hear that my Down's Syndrome risk has gone up- when I did the 1st Trimester...
Hi Everybody,   I'm new, just joined today. I am 17 weeks pregnant with our first child. It's a boy :) I'm 33 and my husband is 32. We live in Brooklyn with our little dog.  I am home resting today after an amnio yesterday. My blood tests showed a high risk for Down's Syndrome, 1 in 45. I should get the preliminary result today or tomorrow... anxiously awaiting the phone call. We will be keeping the baby regardless, still it's a lot to think...
Hi, I just found and joined this group. We are 17 weeks along, due August 5th. Excited to be here!
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