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I should say that it's *generally* so passive.
Yeah, I'm surprised at how strongly I feel about this.  I just moved into an apartment building from a house and the "community room" (where we get our free coffee to compensate for the astronomical rent!) has TVs on. all. the. time.  Like as protocol, there are literally 4-5 TVs on, no matter if anyone is in the room or if so, is watching (no one ever really is).  It's really annoying, and baby gets excited because her only screentime ever (outside of a rare glimpse in a...
Miss L at 12 hours and 12 months old (no paparazzi!)    
Oh, look at Naomi and Mila!!! 
No way in h3ll!  LOL!  I'm not even sure I want another one at all (and I'm deliriously happy and all is really going well with the three of us).  Ask me again in at least another year.
OMG, I AM getting nausea around ovulation or at least ~premenstrually.  (Of course, I've had I think 7-8 periods already.)  Who knows what that's about?
While I have a second (because I also have an 11-month-old, LOL!)--   These two phrases jumped out at me:   everything around the house under control   and   I lie AWAKE running never-ending to-do lists in my head   I'm thinking something's gotta give-- in you!  
Love them!  <3
I have searched the archives and mostly found laundry lists of WHAT folks' young toddlers eat (apples, sausage, bread, quinoa, blah blah), but I'm wondering more about quantity.   Mine has always loved solids since we introduced them right at 6 months via BLW.  She gagged a little at first, but not a ton, and has always liked most everything we've introduced, which is almost anything you can think of-- or if not at first, then pretty quickly.   She just doesn't eat...
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