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Dia, he's so amazing!  Newborns are so cute, but they have NOTHING on one-year-olds.  When I look back at Miss L before ~3-4 months, I see our "little old monkey man."  :)   I will be back in ~3 weeks!
Oh, whoops!  I started to add this to the other thread.  Let me move it over here...
Oops!  Started to post pics before I saw the other thread!
I so agree with what WWW and Typebug have said-- I am loving being a mom (even though it is Capital H Hard!) and have become a better person because of it.  I am truly, truly thrilled to be a mom to Miss L.  The only way in which I differ... I am really not sure I want any more!
Miss L has had tons of razor sharp teeth starting at
Indeed! Cat, sounds like you're really keeping up with the communication.Baby kept her diaper dry all day today-- I feel like we should wash it regardless, like you would underwear.Just two things to share... 1) Miss L is making what DH calls "human poops" now (most days), which is awesome, despite the smell, LOL... Because she's still not much of a poop signaller, but now because she really has to grunt and push a little, there's plenty of time to get her to the potty....
Teles, I just wanted to send you this:  
Oh, I'm genuinely not worried! Just curious if no is more typical and why...
It's true that we rarely say "no"-- my grandmother jokes that the baby has never heard the word.  But I'm sure we unconsciously shake our heads just as we nod them.  Still curious and bumping for more info-- I really thought "no" was "supposed to" come (usually comes) first, but can't find any evidence that such is the case.
My babe seems to be fairly consistently nodding for "yes" now (also sometimes saying "yeah," while nodding).  Not sure I'm ready to call it (it's only been a few days), but so far it only corresponds to when she really means "yes" (particularly wrt EC-- "do you need to go potty?")   She isn't shaking "no," yet, but it occurred to me... aren't kids "supposed" to shake their heads "no" before they nod "yes?"  Or did I make that one up?  Rudimentary Googling led me...
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