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Yes!  That's awesome, Cat!
It's also so funny how ECing becomes so normalized to you... There was another board where someone asked what to do about baby peeing every time her diaper was removed and people said to let air hit her, then re-cover, etc., and I was like-- why not put baby on the potty, if just for those times? I know I wouldn't have made the instinct connection before I knew about EC... But now it seems so obvious!
A few notes for the record (baby is 9.5 months now)   -A week or so ago (in the midst of a "low-success" few days-- 4-5 misses/day), she had her diaper off (we actually don't do much diaper-free time) and we were all hanging out for a while in the (master) bedroom.  She walked herself into the master bath and peed on the floor.  Possibly just a coincidence, but I thought this was so awesome and wished for a moment we were traditional folks who lived outdoors with a...
Ugh, typebug!  I think I'm lucky in that my childless friends (and most of them are, even though I'm 35) almost bend over backwards and don't expect much (or for me to go anywhere without the baby).  But I can... almost!... see myself in your description of your friend when I was pre-kids.  Just ~2.5 years ago, I remember telling my DH that I couldn't have a proper conversation with my BFF because she was always interrupting to talk to her baby.   
I should say... I see why people want to get it over with not because we are not enjoying it, but more the convenience stuff-- like being able to do xyz because you're no longer breastfeeding, kids STTN, potty trained, maybe in school all day, etc.
Oh, HoP, blessings to you! I have had a million AFs already, but I'm so not interested. I will say I do see now why people want to kind of "get it over with" (the infant/toddler stage), by having a couple closer than 3 years apart, but it's just not in my frame of reference. I am 10y older than my brother and no one in my family of my generation is closer than 4 apart. Still vaguely planning on about 4 years apart-- maybe TTC when she's 3-- with a possibly one and done...
Same here, LOL!   Did you see this?   http://theuglyvolvo.com/2013/12/10/a-ten-month-olds-letter-to-santa/   NUMBER 8 ALL DAY
Wow, that's way expensive!  I guess I'm used to used prices.   I highly recommend getting a BBLP on Craigslist, at a big consignment sale or on eBay if you have to (it's discontinued).  Also decent choices for EC IME (I'm obsessed with little potties, LOL, since I don't use enough cloth diapers to obsess over them!)...   -Becopotty: ...
So fun!  Do it!
Looks like my mail is back up-- yay!  There's a delay, and I'm still getting messages from yesterday, the day before, etc., but PHEW   I don't know what we are going to do for baby's birthday.  I wanted to do an open house for friends and family with coffee and desserts to rep her heritage-- so Jewish, Southern (US) and Filipino.  Like rugelach, sweet potato pie and bibingka, LOL...   BUT we have to be out of this house March 1, and her birthday is March 2.  It would...
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