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Thanks, spughy.  I can see definite pros to getting it, it's just that there are cons as well, which few people seem to consider.  I know my decision may very well be different if and when I have another babe-- my risk for genetic issues will go up as I near 40, risk for previa goes up, etc...  and if I didn't live right behind this hospital with its crazy technology, I might make a different decision as well... Because it truly is a game of inches, statistically...
Ha!  Well, I guess there are pros and cons either way, but I'd rather look like I swallowed a couple of watermelons than have baby under my ribs!
Oh, and if anyone has been following my long-winded, boring saga, I have-- somewhat surprisingly to me-- made the decision not to get a routine u/s.  It's still early enough that I can change my mind-- in fact, for detecting certain conditions that just need a different mode of birth or immediate neonatal care, it's never too late-- but I am just kind of sitting with it and seeing how it feels to have made the decision.  So far, it feels pretty good, and Dr. Mom, though...
I like what spughy had to say, and I DEFINITELY think it's a good idea to address it.  Personally, I'd probably broach it a little more smiley/jokey (wow-- vocabulary)-- kind of letting her off the hook/letting her save face a bit-- but making sure to get the important info across (that you are a health nut, and that she did make a mistake by ASSuming).
Too cute!  I'm 16 weeks today, but I am not much bigger than my last photos.  Some-- definitely enough for me/DH to tell-- but not much.
Okay, at 16 weeks, I feel that I am definitely showing... but I know strangers have not a clue yet.  And I saw a good friend from high school a couple of nights ago and he said he couldn't tell.      But I officially feel (psychologically) more comfortable either throwing a hoodie over my typical tank top/T shirt or wearing one of the two new tops I bought-- non-maternity, but they float away from the body (as opposed to the form-fitting stuff I usually wear).  I...
I'm so sorry, Beagle. 
Just had my second appointment yesterday @ ~15.5 weeks.  I spent time with the other midwife (there are only two in this practice) and I really like her a lot.  She is really aligned with and similar in personality to the first, which is awesome.  She totally knew/remembered that I was declining doppler, so she only brought a fetoscope.  She said, "Well, the absolute earliest I've EVER heard a HB with a fetoscope was at 16 weeks, but what the hey!"  Of course, we didn't...
I believe the "textbook" answer is that it peaks on average at ~10 weeks, and should be mostly over by 12 weeks-- but that's probably on the early side of average, in the experience of most people I know.  That said, it started tapering a bit at 10-11 weeks for me, and was basically completely over by 11.5 weeks or so.
I don't think it's weird at all, kittn! I'm pretty sure it's far weirder to be like me and feel almost the opposite.
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