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I agree, with all of the above!  My Seven sling was worthless, Moby was awesome with my premie, and Ergo for everything else!
  We've enjoyed this one, as well.  Whenever my older daughter wants to snuggle while the younger is nursing, she always quotes "Two can breastfeed without fuss, there is room for both of us!" : )
I definitely relate!  I don't like having my dd's friends over, because of the need to feel "on" thing, or what if I have to discipline them, or they ask questions I don't want to answer, etc., etc.   However, I'm planning to just suck it up, because my daughter (definitely not an introvert) deserves to have all the "normal" fun of childhood.  But, more importantly to me, I want home to be a fun place to hang out for her and her friends, when she reaches that age of...
Consider prayers said!  I was going to suggest urban, as we live in North (bought a house here for pennies 3 years ago during the foreclosure boom and are blessed with great supportive neighbors- though it totally depends on whose renting across the street).  BUT it sounds like you've been-there-done-that, which I totally understand.   My next thought was maybe look into partial houses for rent, like a basement apartment where the land lord lives in the other half of...
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Looking to get my 2-1/2 yr old a bike/trike/scooter-type thing for Christmas...this looks like it would be just the ticket...thanks for the contest!
Hello, all!    I have a question about raw cream-- I am having trouble with bitterness.  I bought a pint from a local farm, and I thought I waited too long to use it (about a week, maybe a day longer); the whipped cream I made was VERY bitter!   I bought another pint this week (it has been three days since we brought it home) and it, also has a bitter taste to it (I didn't think to taste it right away).  Our milk, from the same farm, has always tasted fine and...
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