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I'm wondering about this, too! Looking for someone to tell me it's "OK" to night wean. And then tell me exactly how to do it so that I can sleep and not be screamed at and hit by my beautiful, otherwise happy and sweet little "not happy" baby! ;) No advice, but it does help to know we're not alone in this struggle to find balance between our needs!
I have a question that I would really love some help with -- research, experience, personal preference... anything... just trying to sort out what I should do. I am practicing baby led weaning with my daughter, who is just over 2 years old. She's a very happy, apparently healthy child. She has always been on the skinny side (as am I, and my other child, so seems normal to me), but we just had her first checkup in a year -- I skipped her 18 mo one -- and she is...
Hi! Just joined the community and started searching for local moms. Realize I'm late to the threat but wanted to say hi and find out where things went and if you're still meeting? I'm out in the islands, but would love to find a community of like-minded moms! I have two children, a son age 5 and a daughter age 2. Let me know if you're still planning on meeting regularly, and if you know of anyone else out here in Grand Isle County! :)
Hi! I'm looking for other like-minded moms in my area -- I live in the Champlain Islands and have two children, ages 5 and 2. I stay home, so am hoping this will help us network and find other moms and babes to play with!
I don't have any nipple pain, but I did just post something that might be related -- I seem to have cramping when nursing frequently (my dd is 2, and has increased her nursing demand recently to very near constantly, and I feel like I'm in the middle of one big long period!). It can be really uncomfortable... I have the mirena IUD in, so I know that I'm not pregnant, but I haven't found much talk about this and am wondering if the Mirena itself is causing the extended...
My daughter is 2 yo and has recently (in the last week) dramatically increased her nursing frequency -- from 4 times a day or so to nearly every hour, day and night! I noticed that after two days of this I started to experience period-like cramping -- very strong and painful -- only about a week after my last episode of cramping. I have the Mirena IUD so I do not get regular periods, but do have periodic cramping/spotting. I am wondering if anyone else has had this...
New Posts  All Forums: