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Sometimes I'm a little bitter, especially when they offer suggestions that they know I wouldn't try or make little digs. I guess I just don't get how they couldn't see that breastfeeding is best or that smoking during pregnancy would harm the baby. Breastfeeding is still a big issue with us. It goes for my inlaws as well who are much more vocal about how we raise our kids. Dh parents seem to think if we spanked our kids more they would be more complient. They forget...
Thanks everyone for the information. I will look into it more. Any CDN homeshoolers from Ontario that have any information on whether they have to write any tests to enter high school, for example, or how do they receive their secondary school diploma? Do they have to write the grade 10 literacy test? Or what about applying to University or College?
Anyone out there have any suggestions for brushing their babies teeth? My 11 mo daughter does not let a tooth brush enter her mouth, and if I try the finger tooth brush, she bites me! : She has 14 teeth including four of her molars, which are really difficult to clean. Any other ideas?
Hi... I'm new to the site and was wondering what the benefits of homeschooling are verses public? I am a public high school teacher (when I'm not a SAHM to Julia, 11 mths) who understands some of challenges of the public system. Homeschooling seems like it would be quite challenging. How long do you homeschool for? Do your children have to write equivalancy tests to graduate? I'm looking for more information. :
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