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My girls both had torticollis and plagiocephaly- did your dr refer you to your state's early intervention program for physical therapy? Often babies with torticollis end up qualifying for occupational therapy too. PT was a godsend for us- their range of motion increased quickly. With twins I just didn't have time to focus on stretching and repositioning all the time. My girls had mild flat spots and we did end up with helmets for 2 months.
Oh lady- I have so much to say about this but I'm on my phone right now. I will come back to this tonight when I can get on a real computer!
hi mamas- i can't believe the girls will be 12 weeks old this week, but it's true. i think this is my first time posting here since their birth (it's all been such a blur). i think things are starting to settle down and we are getting on more of a routine so maybe i will be able to read and post here more often :)   we have been breastfeeding exclusively and it's going swimmingly, but it took a good 8 weeks before i could nurse without pain. we had some latching...
oh, they are so gorgeous <3
wow!!! amazing story and i LOVE her name!  congrats and lots of love!
The girls were born via c-section on Thursday August 16th at 11:29 and 11:32 am, weighing in at 5 lb 4 oz and 5 lb 6 oz. They are perfectly healthy and amazing. The surgery and recovery have been a little difficult for me. I had a uterine hemorrhage and ended up having a transfusion, then my blood pressure went up suddenly and there have been various small things like a malfunctioning catheter and some inexplicable nerve pain, and blood that later had trouble clotting...
Holy moly what a fantastic story! She was in a hurry to meet her mama, that's for sure. Welcome to the world Mae! And huuuuuge congrats!
I too have been struggling the past few weeks. But with only two days left of this pregnancy, it's nice to focus on the positives. + my skin and hair are amazeballs + I also have time to just sit and watch tv, which means I'm keeping up with election news + anticipating two teeny tiny girls and wondering what they will look like + thinking about names was super fun + pretty amazed that my body which was a size 0 pre-pregnancy has grown two babies and kept them growing for...
They are gorgeous! Congrats! So glad you are doing ok. And I love their names
I feel the same way. I'm so disappointed in my midwives' care. They have been distant, disorganized, and impersonal throughout my pregnancy. More often than not, when I showed up for my visits they either weren't expecting me, didn't have me in their system, forgot that I'm having twins, or I had to wait forever because they wouldn't have the NST machine ready for twins or whatever. Most of the time I felt like a name on a chart. Very disappointing. I kind of feel like...
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