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Amazing! Congrats x 3 and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Can't wait to hear more about them!
Oh my goodness! Will be thinking of you and your sweet baby. Hope it all goes smoothly!
I haven't had my twins yet, but I can answer a few of these based on my own experience! My belly does hurt. A lot. My skin is so tight it aches, and my abs are killing me. I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and measuring at 38/39 weeks. The stretching has been really painful for me, and after the girls have a growth spurt it feels just like my abs are ripping open. The area around my belly button is especially tender. My lower back hurts a lot, along with my hips and pelvis....
I am so amazed. Such gorgeous babies and I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well!
Yaaaaaayy!!! ithappened, CONGRATS!!! can't wait to see the pictures! you've been such an inspiration to me as I've carried my twins this summer. So happy for you!
I can commiserate My belly and back hurt a lot, and most nights I only get a couple hours of sleep. Even though I'm taking iron supplements I still get very lightheaded and breathless even just taking one flight of stairs, and the heat is AWFUL. I can make it to the grocery store but by the time I leave the pain is excruciating. I force myself some nights to walk around the block with SO, but it's really hard. I've made a couple of trips to the pool- can you do that?...
Hi all! I can't believe we are heading into the second half of July already. I'm getting really impatient to meet these girls. Today I have feet pushing into my ribcage AND feet tap-dancing on my cervix. Sometimes they are so forceful and intense I can't believe they dont break my water! My major discomfort this weekend was the sensation that my belly button and the area around it were tearing open. Very painful, and my SO's first reaction is always to try to make me...
I registered on amazon. They had pretty much every thing I wanted/needed, and seemed like they had the best prices, too.
-order breast pump and nursing pillow -talk to hr about getting babies on insurance -get a few more blankets, cloth diapers, burp cloths -SO needs to finish the changing table he's making -this house needs to be cleaned. oh, lord. I think I might call in a professional cleaning service. -more freezer food. so far I have lots of burritos and lentil soup. -air in my tires, get the damn blinker fixed, clean it out -install car seats -figure out who will care for cats,...
Worst sleep ever for me last night, too. I had the usual back, hip, and pelvic pain, but also my belly button feels like its tearing open and the sharp abdominal muscle pains are excruciating. It was just a complete nightmare. Things are getting pretty rough and we have another really hot week coming up. I wish I could fast-forward a few weeks
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