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Hi - I would really like your views on which cloth diapering system is the best for you.  I'm looking for something that won't leak and will be easy to launder. Please help - there's so much to choose from !   Many thanks.
Thanks both who replied for this!
Hi, I'm thinking about enrolling in the NMI course for direct entry midwife. As anyon had experience with this and f so how was it? I'm also open to other recommended distance learning courses for direct entry CPMs. Many thanks in advance!
Hi, I'm thinking about studying as a CPM and was wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to transfer to a midwife in the UK. I may eventually move back to the UK and would like to work as a midwife there too once I qualify here but am not sure I would be legal without a nursing degree.  Any advice / pointers much appreciated!  Thanks.
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