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I have milk kefir grains that you can have if you're willing to drive to Evergreen to pick them up. You can give me a call 303-762-9618.   Peace, Moneca 
Hi!   Can anyone suggest an acupuncturist in Ft. Collins?   Thanks, Moneca
Leilalu - I'm glad you started this thread. I only come to MDC a couple times a year, but was excited that I saw a name I knew on the TF board. We're hoping to ttc this summer since I'm still mildly detoxing, so I'm not here yet. I still remember the old c-section wound you healed with raw butter, EVCO,  lime juice, and raw honey! 
You can't assume bison is fed any particular way. You have to contact the individual farmer or company that produces the product. For instance, we have a local rancher who raises bison. He only lets them range on chemical-free pasture and never feeds any grains. I recently bought some Buffalo Guys brand andouille sausage. The package states "Range-raised without antibiotics, no added hormones". I called the company and was told that the bison range on chemical-free...
I haven't been on MDC in FOREVER, but had to drop in with a quick post for this thread. I've been detoxing bromide (and God knows what else) with 50 mg of lugols since Nov '08. I had been requiring 4 tsp of sea salt per day to flush the bromide. About 3 months ago I finally switched to nascent iodine (thanks Jane for the mention). Well, my bromide detox became intolerable. Even with the 4 tsp of sea salt per day the breakthrough itching was horrible. I truly appeared to...
Very important to have mag checked along with a whole electrolye panel. I did have to take dd in once for seizures, but her case was hyponatremia (sodium) due to prolonged vomiting. Her sodium was 118. We did have her energetic practitioner check her mag afterwards and she had a blockage which we cleared with NAET. Mag is also a calming mineral. We all take concentrace drops by Trace Minerals which are from the sea. It contains all the trace minerals and are heavy in mag....
I appreciate the advice. Thanks so much!
If you're getting a UTI each time after intercourse what are you looking at? This truly isn't me and this has only been happening to my friend since she started a new relationship. Never happened to her in the 20 years she was sexually active prior to this which was a monogamous relationship. TIA,
Hello! Most of you probably don't even know me. I've been absent for such a long time. I just went to the yahoo pediatric gastroparesis group to post Sierra's healing from GP. It has been over a year and a half since her last mercury treatment. I realized I never posted the mercury removal that worked for her on chelating mamas - sorry! Well, she did fine on the NCD, but I found it only removed serum mercury. The urine toxic metal profiles we did convinced me that it...
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