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The bouncy chair is great for the bathroom floor!  Use it all the time from birth until about 8 months (when she was really intent on getting out of it!)  
That sounds really good!  Hope the new one works well for you!     We are still trying to figure out what works best here.... its totally a work in progress.  Social stories have been really helpful for DS.  Have you tried those?  We have one on hitting, throwing, and one for following directions.  His teacher made them for us but I've found a lot online, too.  And we've been using a ton of visuals, as well, and that makes transitions a little better sometimes....  
I love this idea.  I would love to have the house to myself to do EXACTLY all the same things you mention.  So, yes, I think it is totally normal!  I would seriously be so, so happy to have half a day to clean, sort, and organize the basement.  Or my dresser drawers.  Or the pantry.
ERGO!!   Seriously wish I knew about them so much sooner with my first born!  Totally worth every penny, used every day, often multiple times per day.  Love, love, love!
I'm sorry if my words were not more carefully chosen.  I'm freaking exhausted most days and often don't come across the way I mean to.  Glad you were not offended nsmomtobe.     The first therapist DOES seem extreme, don't get me wrong.  I think a timeout for every refusal to comply is insane.  You know why?  Because my DS must refuse to comply at least 20-30 times a day.  I've tried time out.  Over and over.  He doesnt get it and it doesn't work for us.  But that...
You will be amazed at how much time you spend bfing at first!  So.... make yourself a cozy little nursing nook, complete with side table, lamp, magazines, a place for your water, and snacks, etc.     I particularly found that leaving some snacks out for myself was motivating late at night when my LO was up needing to eat for the 4th time.  Seriously.  He would wake up and I would think, "Mmm, time for those peanut butter covered graham crackers!"  
Definitely agree on the parenting styles comment.  The parenting style that I had envisioned us using is absolutely useless with our son (age 3).     When you have a special needs child, you have to adjust your approach, and be willing to try new things, even if they push you out of your comfort zone.  While the therapist's recommendations don't seem to work with your feelings, you might consider if it is worth a go...  not much to lose, since you say that what you are...
Great advice, sageowl!  I find that a lot of people find it an entertaining novelty to see one of my kids in the Ergo, especially when on my back.  Often they are both amused (at the cuteness? idk!) and willing to talk, as well.  Its a great conversation starter!   My old Ergo actually came with a stack of business cards, meant to be handed out to anyone I might come across who was interested!  Wish I had more.
I'm not sure if this helps, but this is the practice we use for Occupational Therapy.  One of the providers in the practice is a naturopath physician.  We don't see her ourselves, but I have heard good feedback from other patients.     http://www.kidspaceadaptiveplay.com/   Also, a great resource for parent/kid activities in central CT is Out and About Mom.  http://www.outandaboutmom.com/ They have a website and a great FB page.   You might try to find a MOMS...
Hi and welcome to CT!  Are you familiar with the area at all?  I wish I could give you better specifics, but you will likely be able to find the kind of ped you are looking for in the West Hartford area, which will not be too far for you.     There's lots to do for littles here!  CT Science Center, Dinosaur State Park, Lutz Museum, West Hartford parks, KidCity....lots of fun stuff :)
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