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I "like" Oak Meadow on Facebook and I'm a fan of Mothering. Also, I commented on the blog. Thank you!
Shared on FB. Thanks for the chance to win!
We homeschool so that we can individualize a program for each of our children's unique interests and abilities.
Hi, I just joined this site. I am a homeschooling mama of four, but actually only have three at home now. My oldest is 19 and is in the US Army. My three at home are dd11, ds8, and dd4. I homeschool my older children using Sonlight (in a Charlotte Mason way.) With my youngest, I am using a mix of things: Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and more. She is adopted from China & has visual impairments and developmental delays. I blog mostly about our homeschool days....
Hello. I just joined the site and look forward to discussing things with you all. I have four children, and our youngest was adopted from China two years ago. She is visually impaired and has developmental delays. Often I feel so isolated in this situation. I am so thankful to have found a place to connect.
Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I have four children, the youngest of which we adopted from China. She is four and we've had her home with us for two years. She is visually impaired and also has some developmental delays. I look forward to discussing the adoption experience with you all.
But I'm definitely not new to being a mom.  I have four children: ds19, dd11, ds8, and dd4. My oldest is in the US Army, and my youngest was adopted from China and has a visual impairment. We homeschool and love learning together. I am looking forward to getting to know you all here.
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