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Thanks, ladies! There is a Goodwill close by that has bins and bins of clothes and fabrics. I think I'll go there and look for flannel!
My LO is big on the cervix kicks, too! And hooboy, this baby is already getting strong. DH loves to feel the kicks, and it is kind of hilarious when we are out in public, as it looks like he is excitedly rummaging around in my groin. Our weekend: we finally got chickens! 3 five month hens and 2 three month hens. Two of the older girls just starting laying, and their eggs are so much better than the expensive store bought free range organics we usually get. I love them. I...
What materials do you prefer? And where do you buy your fabric? I just got some organic cotton fleece from Etsy, but it is pretty spendy! I'd love to know more from experienced crafty moms!
Welcome and congratulations!
Thinking of you and yours - and hoping that rest is all you need!
I'm 11 wks and can't believe that I actually feel like a normal human today - only minor nausea! and my brain seems to be working! I'm praying that this relief sticks, as I've been constantly nauseous and vomiting since week 6. This is the first pregnancy for me, and I was beginning to think that it would be horrible throughout. Today has me hoping for a better outcome.   Has anybody felt their baby move? I've felt a fluttering that I know is not intestinal 2 or 3...
We are planning a homebirth with midwives. My MIL is a massage therapist and all around awesome person, so she will be our Doula. DH is beyond excited and has big plans to catch - we are not finding out the gender (much to my mother's distress) and he wants to be the first to know!
Thanks for this awesome response, Sunny Perch! It is great to hear that the EC is worthwhile even if you don't catch every pee/poop. I had this idea that it was an all-or-nothing situation for a lot of people, but I'm much more comfortable doing our best and hoping that this extra consideration/communication will be good for the LO.   Question: What kinds of pads did you use on the bed? I was looking into wool pads, but would love to hear your suggestions, too.    
New Posts  All Forums: