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I finally just got over the fact that "I'm only 10 weeks and shouldn't be in maternity clothes" and made the switch (pants only).  So glad I did!  I am so much more comfy!  My other pants still fit, but just aren't comfortable when I sit down and it just isn't worth the unbuttoning all the time.  Just do what feels best for you and dont' worry about what you are "supposed to do."
I am definitely having a homebirth!  This is a decision my husband and I made about a year and a half ago.  This is my second pregnancy, first child.  First pregnancy ended in miscarriage and 8.5 weeks.  My midwife is awesome and we heard definite movement on the doplar this week (at just 9 weeks), but no heartbeat yet.  It was still reassuring.  We aren't doing any medical interventions that aren't indicated including ultrasound.  BTW, what does UC stand for?      As...
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