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Hi everyone! Well, like you all, I'm a proud mama still! Maggie is 9 weeks old and doing great. I'm so happy, so content.  I always thought my family was complete, and it was, it was perfect - but once Maggie came along I realized how perfect it was then.  She completes us.   She's smiling, even giggling a little although it's a tentative giggle so far.  :)  She is so strong and so healthy, I'm just so blessed.  Especially since her older brother & sister are totally...
Fantastic, congratulations!!
Oh absolutely adorable. Keep strong (both you and her!) and looking forward to the best update ever when she comes home!!!
Here's Miss Maggie at 2 weeks (on her own) and 4 weeks with her brother and sister. She's now 6 weeks but just as sweet as in the other pictures.  :)       She's had a cold the last week, lots of congestion.  So I'm trying to stay home as much as possible without going crazy (I'm not a stay-at-homer usually)   I packed away the newborn sleepers because she doesn't fit into them anymore without poking holes through the feet.  It was sad but at the same time...
Woo hoo!  Congratulations!
Cutie!  Congratulations!
Yea!  Congratulations!  My best friend is named Allison and my daughter's best friend is named Allison.  GREAT name.  :)
  Ha ha...last night there was not enough wine in the world to bring me off the cliff of craziness.  From the moment my daughter got home from school, she tested my patience.  And my 3 year old whined straight for 3 hours.  And our baby girl was out of sorts and hungry but she drained me within the first half hour of a 3 hour "need to nurse" marathon.  She was so frustrated.   I was spent by 7:30PM when I put all 3 to bed.  7:30!! :)  So I think a fourth is just plain...
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