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Thanks for your ideas! I'll think about it carefully. And we should protect the environment at any time.
My father's birthday will come soon. I want to have a big party and invite some relatives to celebrate , but there are lots of things to think about. There aren't enough tableware in our house, so I should buy some catering tableware for the party. I want to buy some good ones both beautiful and in good quality which is safe to the health. I saw the ones on the page http://www.biodegradabletableware.com.cn/products/PE-lamination.htm .But it is not easy to find if these...
It sounds your sister has a special family full of men.
Thanks for your idea. He is too naughty and doesn't study hard. He doesn't do as the rule says. I don't know how to do it better.
My grandma was a nurse before and she did this, but I don't know why.
I see a lot of posts on here saying that we have the best health care in the world and the evidence is that people come here from other countries to get care. I agree that we have the best health CARE in the world.What is being discussed is health care coverage, not health care. That is, the way health care is paid for.Do you understand the difference?
Thanks! I think I'll try oil and an avacado, but I don't like nut butter. BTW, should some milk works?
Maybe he is too young. Cold medication is not the best way. But I don't have any experience about this.
How should the parent handle the situation? Should the parent yell, or should the parent talk to the child calmly? Opinions, please.
For my theatre assignment I had to pick a play, read it, and then find music which I could put into the play. The music has to fit the play and go with the mood. The music can modern music or it can be music from the time period of the play. The play I chose was the importance of being earnest. I read the play but I am having trouble finding music which would go with the mood/plot of the play. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: