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Thank you . I'll definitely consider it.
Hi ! Is it possible to create head deformities from resting your baby's head on your arm (while breastfeeding, while he's sleeping, and so on.). I'm careful not to put him down too much. I wear him in a sling most of the day or at least hold him, but when he falls asleep inthe sling, he likes being cradled. His head looks a little odd in the back, but perhaps this I just a variation of normal . I didn't even notice until the other day during a bath I took with him and I...
Lioness mom: Thank you for being SO thorough!!! I appreciate you taking the time to do all that . What brand do you own? I've only seen Mei Teis with no hood. Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!
May I ask why you prefer the Mei Tei with a tiny baby?
Hi . Thank you for your reply! I have a Moby and love the comfort, but find it difficult to nurse in and adjusting is hard once baby is in.
Hi. My 5 wk old hates the Ergo ( with insert of course). Sometimes likes the Maya Wrap RS. Mainly I just carry him in arms all day because of that and it's been to hot to use them anyway. However I'm wondering if he might like a Mei Tei any better than the Ergo. Any suggestions?
Hi!!! Anyone have experience with either the original or newer version of the Ergo Baby Infant Insert? Im thinking of getting the original because it seems more versatile especially for different breastfeeding positions and just diff. positions in general. But the new seems more straight forward in terms of how to use it. Any experiences or suggestions please? Thank You!!!
Hi !!! I would like to purchase a Moses basket with hood. I saw a really nice selection on the Jolly Jumper website. They are over $100 more, but seem real nice. There is another brand of hooded Moses basket called Badger Basket for only $40 or so. Does anyone have experience with these brands? I'd like to know whether the cheaper one is not as good or sturdy etc. Thank you!!!
Hi there!!! I'd like to make a placenta bag for my up coming lotus birth. Does anyone have any how to info.? I'm thinking of doing a drawstring bag, but I don't how much fabric I need. Or what kind of fabric. Any suggestions? Thank You!!!
Hi again Thank you for your replies!!! I had already talked with my midwife about this. She just told me I could figure it out by doing my own research. That's actually why I'm here. Anyhow, Thank you "catnip" for the measurements!!! I'll take those into account when doing the test . Blessed Love, Tallie
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