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I had the same problem with my 32 weeker once we got home (36 w gest.)   To get him to nurse worked best when he wasn't over-hungry & screaming...but also not too drowsy. I'd swaddle him up start squirting milk into his mouth (by expressing) & then keep manually squeezing milk into his mouth while he was sucking. Having said that...I never made enough milk for him (I never had a problem nursing any of my other babies...but honestly never made enough milk for him)....
((hugs mama)) My little guy was a 32 weeker. 3lb 14oz (dropped to 3lb 7oz) Spent a month in the NICU. I know it's very frustrating to watch things take a step backwards. My little guy had been getting better & better & then one morning I went in there & they wouldn't let me near him. He had started having MAJOR apnea & bradycardia spells. From there it went downhill for a bit before it started getting better. But then finally it turned & he started to get better....
pm'd u mama
If you're still looking I have a copy that looks brand new. I also have many other older copies (#31 to current)
great question (to which I have no answer...but subbing for answers) ;)
Hey there, This is pregnancy # 12, baby #8...freaking out a little. Still not quite sure if this is "real". So far IRL only my BGF knows. Not sure how to tell my partner (the 1 year old DS is ours...the older 6 are mine...& he has 2 older ones also...so with this one we will have 10!!!!) This was TOTALLY unplanned. I just suck at BC...gotten pregnant on EVERYTHING. :o If this sticks it will be a OB closely followed hospital birth. I've had midwives for the past 5...
*just* weaned my 16 month old. We had major issues nursing from the beginning (he was a 32 week preemie) & the last while had just been unpleasant.   I nursed through pregnancy #4 & then tandem nursed babies 3 & 4 for a year. I have also had pregnancies where I weaned PDQ also.
Um...well been there done that so many times...each pregnancy has been different. I've also suffered many losses so I'm kinda cynical for the first few weeks. 
If so...what program are you using? Got any tips? We have been using sign language with Sophe for nearly 2 months & so far I'm not sure we're making any progress. I'm just wondering what others are using & how long you were using it before you saw any progress. (Off topic...for anyone who is familiar with our story...she started crawling last week!!! [at 10.5 months old] which is not nearly as delayed as they expected it to be. We're so thrilled!)
You have gotten some really great advice. I don't have much to offer that hasn't been said already...but when Anna Sophia had surgery in May she had a mild cold (cough, runny rose). Obviously her surgery was different from Finn's...so it probably does depend... You could give him echinacea drops to boost his immunity. I would bring a book (something light, but engaging) & a magazine. I was able to read a bit of a (fuuny) book that I brought...but I had to keep re-reading...
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