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Hey all!  So it looks like my home birth dream is not going to be able to be a reality thanks to all the legislative issues, so now I'm really looking for a doula.  I want someone that can help guide me through the rest of this pregnancy (I'm 12 weeks) and help my husband and I through my labor and postpartum period.     I really want to experience natural childbirth but I have a poor pain tolerance and without a doula, I can't see myself being able to make it...
    Thank you!  Congrats on your new baby!  I'll keep Upper Chesapeake in mind--this search is not looking good for the home birth!!
Hey Jennifer thanks for replying!  I'm due in early November--when are you due?  Parkville club indeed :-)  What did you think of SB?  Was it nice?  Did it seem like a really long drive?  My husband is a bit nervous about the driving factor!      
@homewithtwinsmama, Susan and KatyLinda--thank you all very much!  I did sign the petitions and send emails to the target delegates through the Move-On system but I heard that things did not go well which is very upsetting.  I am happy to advocate as needed even though it is outside my specialty area as a physician because I cannot believe how the BON is behaving about this (not to mention my physician colleagues--very disappointing!).  I think I'm probably going to be...
Ack!  Sorry!  Thank you all so much for responding!  I'm so new to this thing that I didn't even realize I'd gotten any replies until just now!  Thank you!
Thank you for the rec! :-)
Hey all!  I'm a first time Mom who just found out that we are pregnant (yay!).  My husband and I are in healthcare and are 100% certain based on our own professional experience in hospitals that we want to have a home birth attended by a certified nurse midwife.     Big problem though--we're having a very difficult time finding anyone!!  It appears that most of the folks who attend home births are in the DC suburban area.     Does anyone know any midwifes (we're...
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