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Hi all!  I haven't been on this thread before, haven't been on mothering much this year.  I am a psuedo-married mom of 2. I have a mental health disability and so does my hubby, but we are both doing well.  I have had SSD for almost 7 years, hubby is waiting for appeal hearing.  We live on my SSD and both get foodstamps, so pretty frugal.     My greatfuls:   I had a heck of a year but it turned around this fall and I have had wonderful holidays this year.  I started a...
I want a planner that can spit out a plan based on what I want to grow instead of just letting me make pretty pictures.  I find this part so overwhelming and I want to do companion planting etc.  We have pretty poor soil under a layer of wonderful compost we built last year.  We live on the edge of the sand dunes in Michigan, so building soil is a feat here.  I of course also want a lot of variety. Is there a program where I can just plug in a list and have it figure that...
I made a really cool nook cover for my mom out of an old linen shirt, and then used some of the rest of it to make my father in law an eyeglass case with an elastic strap to attach to whatever book he is reading.
Thank you very much to all of you for your support.  Danie, I will be sure to check out this site.   One thing I wanted to share here that was brought to my attention is to differentiate between sad and depressed.  Sad is a normal healthy emotion, it is perhaps distressing at times, but it is not dangerous per se.  Depression however is an illness.  Sometimes it is a short term condition that resolves itself with time, for example when a healthy person is grieving,...
thank you.  
My children, 11 and 13 will be home for the summer tomorrow.  Our friend was missing for a week and we spent the whole week scouring the area (we live rurally) for him and finally found him Thursday.  My son is very sensitive and we have had so many pet deaths and we also lost my step mom and my previous partner back to back 2 years ago.  It was not known right away that my partner overdosed, we all thought it was pneumonia he had been fighting so they don't know he was...
We really like spicy food here, does anyone have a recipe for replacing hot sauce? I know there's gotta be a way to combine other spicy foods like horseradish, I'm also on a super tight budget and I don't want to waste food.
In my state, whether the acts were consensual  or not, the 17 year old girl would be committing a crime.  I strongly feel this boy needs to be taken seriously as having been assaulted.  I can't imagine minimizing just because he felt like he went along with it.  what is he going to do when he has 2 people pushing on him?  I have been in those situations and it is horrifically confusing!!! No means no!  I didn't read the last 2 pages of responses, I got too upset.  
I got my period at 10 yrs 10 months, my dd is currently 12 years 10 months, and she is still very slim and wears a AA cup bra.  She has a little pubic hair.  She is 5'6' though and has been growing fast so I imagine it will be soon.  My mom was 11, my grandma 13.  We were all raised on pretty much the same diet.  
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