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There are issues with the theoretical safety of the resin fillings as well.  Neither is perfect.  There are yucky things in both sort of fillings.  That said, unless it was a tooth in the front of the mouth, I would prefer a mercury/silver amalgam filling on a child's tooth.  They are easier to put in correctly with a squirmy kid, and they usually last longer.  I certainly think that pulling an otherwise healthy tooth is overkill. 
I excluded our mortgage, because it will be paid off in the next month or so. Once it is, we will have absolutely no debt. No car payments, no cc, no mortgage. WOOHOO!
Have you tried calling them about the terms that they're changing? I have one card that has repeatedly tried to change me from a low, fixed rate to a variable rate (which for the past few years has been lower than my fixed rate). Every time it happens I call them and explain that I want to keep my old rate. They usually have to get a supervisor, but they leave my rate alone. But, you're right. If you opt out, you pay off your balance under current terms, but you close...
There are two entrances to my local coffee shop's parking lot. One of them is right by the drive thru. If the line isn't long, you can usually turn right in there to the drive thru. I let some guy in one day from that entrance. I had come from the other way and was there first, so technically it was my turn. He ended up buying my order for me. I thought it was nice.
There was an article in our paper just yesterday or the day before about how loads of tvs are being donated right now to good will and places like that, because lots of people are upgrading to digital hi-def sets in anticipation of the tv signal switch. You can probably find a great deal on a bigger, nicer tv than what you have without breaking the bank if you look around at local thrift stores.
I thought it was great! Very 21st century! Elegant without being stuffy and boring. She is of course stunning. She could have probably worn a potato sack and looked fantastic!
Over 4 or 5K sf would be big IMO. A mansion would need to be over 8K or so.
Some kids will drive their teachers crazy. That's not my responsiblity. My responsibility is to my child. When my barely 4 yo asked to learn to read, I taught him to read. He reads rather well now, and he's not yet 5. He's happy and learning, and that is what is important to me. So, yes, if she's ready, I think you should teach your child to read.
Wow, I pay less than $600/semester for 6 credit hours including all the fees. I take them from a state university online. I can't believe what some of you are paying. That just seems crazy!
I'm thinking 3-5 pairs of black, wrinkle free slacks. A poly knit would probably be your best bet for comfort and style. A pair of cute flats in a fun color or print. 3-5 knit shirts in one or two colors that look good with your coloring and the aforementioned shoes. A black cardigan or shawl style sweater. That should do it.
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