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Yes, assuming one has not been previously shown incapable of caring for a child.
If you can get it all soon, then I'd get the boots first. If it was one item, and you didn't know when you'd have the money for the others, I'd get new lenses.
We have high insured amounts on our cars with comprehensive coverage ('99 and '04 Hondas). Our total Blue Book values are likely around 20K. We pay about $1K/year total for the car insurance. Paying $1K/6months seems ridiculous, unless you have really bad driving records. We have around $120K in personal possession coverage on the house, and it's about 1800 sf. There's a lot of stuff that would need to be replaced. Clothes, computers, tvs, furniture, dishes, food,...
Take the job.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty There isn't any that I can find. I have considered converting many times (my mother was not Jewish and I was raised so by my stepfather). But I can never find anyone within many hours of here in SE Illinois. I hate to be touchy about that, but after being the only Jewish family in a small midwestern town and having my friends' parents tell me that my people killed their lord, I can only be so paranoid about what...
If I come home, and any door is open or anything looks odd, I am getting back in my car, locking the doors, and calling 911 immediately. When I was 8 our house was robbed, and that's exactly what my parents did then. You never know, if the burglars are still there, and what kind of weapons they may have.
We keep somewhere between $200-500 in twenties. I hate going to the bank, and sometimes I need to grab cash for something in a hurry. For us, if it was lost or stolen, it would suck, but it wouldn't take food out of our mouths or anything. I'm actually planning on getting a safe deposit box for our passports, and my expensive jewelry that I don't wear very often and such.
It depends on the state. In many states, if a woman is married, it is assumed the husband is the father. If a bio-father turns up later, he can have a really hard time challenging paternity, and sometimes has no legal standing to do so.
Doctors have to keep records for 7 years for insurance purposes. Many in private practices keep them much longer, just in case. You should be able to track them down, if you can remember where you went.
I don't think your heat should be set lower than 55 degrees due to the risk of water pipes freezing. We keep ours at 68 during the day, and 65 at night. We have central heat and two fireplaces, but we don't use the fireplaces, because of the children.
New Posts  All Forums: