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I voted 1K-2K, but honestly we could afford more, but I don't know that we'd spend it. Our 10 yo golden retriever has been with me longer than I've known my dh, and I already spend quite a bit on him monthly to keep him comfortable and healthy. I'd probably spend up to 2K with little question. More than that, and he'd have to have a great prognosis after the procedure. It's not that I don't love him, but there is a limit to what I will do for him, as he probably only...
Currently, my dh is insured separately from the rest of us. His school requires him to have a policy with no higher than a $500 ded. The rest of us are on a high ded. policy (5K ind/10K family). We could come up with the ded. if we really had to, so it makes sense for us to save the money in premiums. We're paying somewhere between $250 and $300 for the three of us, and then dh is a little over $150 for his separate policy.
Lodge also has their own website. I was thinking that they sold seconds on there, but I can't find it now. Most of my Lodge cast iron was seconds. They have a store in Commerce, GA, if anyone is ever near there. Great deals!
I would opt out. What we currently pay in pays for the current beneficiaries. I don't want my children to have to pay for our generation. I'd rather that dh and I work and save money for our retirement and be self-sufficient. As it is, neither dh nor I are counting on any income from SS by the time we're ready to retire. SS is very broken.
Since you're proceeding with legal action, you should probably stop talking about it on the internet. Good luck, and I hope your little one is ok.
We're landlords, but our renters are in a lease-to-own contract. Which is just like a standard rental, but they're responsible for all upkeep and repairs, and we agree to give them a certain amount back at closing, if they ever close. Not too bad of a deal.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a dentist that uses amalgam any more. Yet, the insurance companies continue to only pay for the amalgam not the resin. I don't think it was consciously done by the dentist to screw you out of more money.
Ok, I want to add something to my previous post. While you don't want your insurance to be ripping you off. Ideally, you are paying in more than you're receiving in benefits. It's a shared risk program. Most people will pay more in premiums than they receive in benefits. But, for those that have problems, the money is there to bail them out.
I'd buy a honda or toyota with 100K miles, if it's been well taken care of. I'd look at consumer reports to make sure and get a model year that was highly reliable. I know that the 04 Odessey's are really good. A well taken care of honda or toyota should get to 200K easily.
It's a gamble that I wouldn't take. Also, while you have to meet the deductible, on the way there, you'll get the negotiated insurance rate, which will save you money. I have a high-ded policy, and for most of my doctor visits the price is cut almost in half, because I pay the BCBS rate, and not the cash price. A simple fall off of a front step can shatter your arm or ankle and rack up serious medical bills. More than your 5K or 10K savings would be able to cover...
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