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My 5 1/2 year old is very clingy/sensitive lately as well... and he has 2 younger brothers already (my 4 year old and his dad's 1 year old)... I've noticed that my DS just needs one on one time with me... to cuddle, chat or just be soothed.  He does NOT want to go to school either... He wants to stay home and be around me as much as possible. I think a lot has to do with his age... But I am definitely guilty of placing more "adult" emotions on him.  I don't think my DS...
My SO leaves his dirty clothes on the floor. Always.  Always. Always. But, then he'll out of the blue vacuum the entire living room and study... going as far as moving the couch and vacuuming and collecting the random treasures underneath.  All of this after he works 10-12 hours a day.  I can't complain.  But I still do in my head when I see the boxers on the bathroom floor EVERY day, lol
Honest opinion from a girl who has been through a similar situation (me)... Get all your ducks in a row to raise this baby on your own... figure out paperwork to establish paternity immediately, find out how soon you can start claiming child support and move forward as though you are a single mama! He can promise you things until his face turns blue, but until he takes ACTION, all he's giving you are words.  I stayed with a man who promised me the moon for 6 years... 2...
Simonsez2... My three year old and I are having the SAME battles!!! Added to my stress is the lovely ex and his annoying family, my 5 year old just started kindergarten and AZ has been 105 degrees. blech. And I am terrible to my BF... he can't do anything right. I get so mad at him... especially when he drinks wine, beer, whiskey. I'm so jealous! LOL
My son is crazy active too... Around 9-midnight he goes absolutely nuts.  I feel like I can already feel hiccups too.. although it seems too early.  I don't know how I'll have enough room in my belly for this guy.  I have my anatomy scan tomorrow... I'll be surprised if they don't change my due date!!
I'm completing a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training this week... It's been a 16 week program.  I conceived a week before starting;/ I have had to adjust my practice a bit (obviously the twists, inversions, locust, etc are not fully possible)... I come from the belief of "trust your body, trust your breath".. But I have also had no problems with any of my pregnancies and have had no need to be overly cautious (thank GOD). I will continue on throughout my pregnancy, but I have...
I'm about 17 weeks and I feel this baby ALL of the time... My sister thinks that I ovulated twice and that I'm further along in this pregnancy than I think.  I hope she's right.  I hadn't had my period for two months and I'm always "off".  My sister and I are close enough, and spend enough time together that she'd gotten to a point where she could predict my cycle, lol. Over the past two days, when I'm sitting still (which I do a lot at night while writing a paper on...
Boy for me, confirmed yesterday:)
@Katelove... I think I might be? I'm so excited for all the mamas to find out!
Boy!!! I can't believe it. Boy number three and I REALLY thought it was a girl this time.  We had to wait a super long time at the Dr's office and she made it up to us with a surprise ultrasound! I can't believe it. We're in shock but very excited!
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