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I had a VBA2C with Dr. Eleanor Capeless and Dr. Ellie Wegner at Fletcher Allen in Burlington- they are wonderful, and not only were supportive of my VBA2C, but told me it was better for me to deliver vaginally than by cesarean. I know that you aren't a VBAC, but their overall attitude about vaginal birth was wonderful.
We had the flu last year- all of us at once (I have 3 small children)- and although it was absolutely horrible, and my baby (then one year old) had secondary complications (a sinus infection), I would take flu over the vax any day. But that said. . .I really hope we don't get it again!
My children don't watch TV at all. I am not sure when we will allow TV, but I imagine when they are a bit older. I'd be interested to see what others have to say about older kids and TV.
My 4 year old son is also very into dragons- he has a little wooden dragon. He makes his own "dragon caves" out of his log blocks (DH cut lengths of smallish logs) and a playsilk draped around.
My sister needs me to make her some vegan dill bread for a reception- my recipe has cottage cheese in it- is there something I can use to substitute? Thanks
My VBA2C baby was a big baby with a big head- I pushed for about 20 min. and had a minor tear. I had him in a hospital, and the nurse and OB were very hands off. It was wonderful. In my experience, u/s measurements are WAAAAAY off!
: Wonderful! Congratulations!
I have been very happy with Joyswaldorfdolls, and dancingraindolls.
We got ours from www.atoygarden.com I am not sure if those are the correct color names- but I went for something that looked "watery" and something that could be grass or a field. The kids have one doll sized silk, and a bunch of dress up sizes. They never use the smaller one.
We are waldorf inspired homeschoolers~ What attracts us to Waldorf is The celebration of nature, the seasons, and cycles, and natural rhythms of all things. Also the emphasis on natural playthings No TV or commercialism Rhythm The holistic approach to learning, and raising a child in general The way children stay children as long as they need- and as Pixiewytch said, the way they are viewed as spiritual individual beings. The imaginative approach to learning The...
New Posts  All Forums: