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My kids' two favorites are a medium blue, and a grass green.
I am looking too! And starting to feel rather desperate, as my oldest is 7 1/2. Anyone out there?!
I don't have a lot of time right now- but I wanted to make a couple of suggestions- We are waldorf homeschoolers so we strive to make our home a waldorf home. We do a lot of singing together, drawing/painting, baking, we spend a lot of time outdoors and bring nature inside too with a nature table, the way we decorate our home, the books and songs we choose to read, etc. We try to keep a daily rhythm as well Some good books which can be found at either amazon.com or bob...
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Another point: although this forum is supposed to be about learning in school, many of the families are actually homeschoolers. Therefore they need to set up their homes to offer some of what comes in a waldorf classroom, they need to find waldorf materials (books, music, art supplies) and all of that comes through in the conversations. That said, I do think we tend to go for stuff first and ideals second in our...
Quote: Originally Posted by sophi4ka It is such a masterpiece that I have to quote from the actual booklet: Quote from page 6: FICTION: Getting so many vaccines will overwhelm my child’s immune system. FACT: The schedule of recommended shots may seem daunting (more than 20 shots by the time your child is 2!), and might even have you wondering how your little one’s immune system will be able to handle it all — but actually, research shows that...
I chose intermittent fetal monitoring with my VBA2C- and was able to move around since it was the telemetry (is that right?) system they have at my hospital. Toward the end I was bleeding an unusual amount, so we opted for continual fetal monitoring until my son was born- since the bleeding could've been an indicator of UR. I think it's a personal decision, and it really depends on your situation.
Yes, the point is avoiding commercialism- there is no problem with characters from classic books. My 7 year old was Pippi Longstocking for Halloween.
Wonderful news! Congratulations! :
You know, I can't stand those books! DS #1 is nearly 5 and not retractable.
Just wanted to let you know that we also CD, and this has happened to both my boys several times- it has not seemed to be a problem at all, or to be prematurely separating the foreskin in any way. DS #1 is nearly 5 and is still not retractable. I don't believe it's a CD issue- if something rubs on it it will move the skin around a tad.
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