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Your 4 year old son assumes everything is made either of wood, or wool!
I have been thinking a lot about doing an etsy shop. Do you like it?
thanks ladies! Makes sense now.
I'm knitting the LTK vest- what does KFB stand for? It's probably something obvious and my brain isn't working. . .
I make waldorf dolls and other dolls (rag, animals) and little simple knitted toys (gnomes and animals), and DH makes wooden toys- he's made the kids' playstands, kitchen, barn, some wooden animals, doll house, vehicles, etc. We have a plan/dream to someday start a toy business. I also make children's clothing.
Hey- our boys are nearly the same age! DS is 20 months.
We have The Apple Cake and it is a beautiful book about community working together- we love it. Beautiful illustrations too. I highly recommend it.
We are in North Hero- about 25 min. away- but our kids are completely media free, and their toys are all natural fibers, probably most of them made by DH and me (we make natural toys, dolls, etc.) They don't wear clothes with characters on them, or play with any commercial toys either. We take it a step further too-we cloth diaper, breastfeed a long time, co-seep, wear natural fibers, eat whole foods, and we are waldorf inspired home schoolers too. Down right weirdos.
In answer to your first question, it is my understanding that when referring to "cartoon animals," it is Disney-Mickey-mouse type animals they are talking about. I don't consider waldorf dolls or wooden animals "caricatures" of real people and animals at all, but I do consider animals in Disney to be caricatures. The simple image of an animal or a person leaves a lot to the imagination of the child. The exaggerated animals in cartoons are overboard. The funny thing is, we...
Oh how difficult! It sounds to me like this doctor doesn't know much about foreskin at all anyhow, so how would he know if he'd been forcibly retracted before? I wouldn't worry about his loose foreskin. I agree with what others have said, it sounds like he's doing well, and I'd leave him be.
New Posts  All Forums: