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When my son was three he was a tiger- he wore striped Hanna andersson longjohns, and I made a tail out of felt, and attached felt ears to a headband.
Quote: Originally Posted by SalmonBayDoula Your external hip measurements are in no way indicative of the internal dimensions of your pelvic outlet! Your pelvis is jointed in several places and responds to the pressure of the baby from the inside, and opens in response to this! Also the hormones of pregnancy and birth help this process ( like relaxin!) Some positions like squatting can increase your pelvic outlet by 28% (1-2 cm!) Also, frequent...
Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley I am going to get a late scan to check the placenta...I think previa (placenta placement) is easy to spot without a scan, but accretia wouldnt be and thats very dangerous. For me, I need to know my placenta is good and ready to go and a few minute scan to find that out in very late pregnancy (say 35 weeks +) feels fine with me. However, we are not doing early scans either and tbh, your placenta moves around a...
I also chose the u/s when planning my VBA2C- it was the only reason I had my u/s- to check the placenta in relation to the scars.
I agree with pp who said it's outdated- 8 years ago with my first pregancy they had me do this full bladder thing. With my subsequent pregnancies (same providers) they did not.
I had a VBA2C- and had an u/s to look at the placenta in relation to the scar- no one said anything about full bladders, and they saw everything they needed to see clearly.
I knew Deborah would have some great responses to this question! Great knitting story- I could totally see that happening with DD- who learned to knit last year in grade 1, and keeps wanting me to teach her to knit in the round. I am glad I haven't! My son is 4 nearly 5- and he has interest in writing as well. But, not in learning to write, he wants only to write his 2 favorite words: Ollie (his name), and fox (his favorite animal). So I showed him how to write those two...
I would recommend: You Are Your Child's First Teacher my top choice The Children's Year Christopherus home school resources
Quote: Originally Posted by Madame Pomfrey I am not enthused about this at all. I will just say that I have had an extremely negative experience with this person and have asked the mods for permission to share it. I would recommend that you all thoroughly investigate this person, Kytka Jezek, before sending her any money - as you should with any internet entity asking for money. Ask your Waldorf friends and your Waldorf groups and email lists for...
Quote: Originally Posted by racheleuphoria Mama 2E&O, do you sell your dolls? I'm shopping for a good price Not yet- but I hope to get up a business at some point soon!
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