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Another Vermont Mama searching for CP. . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by counterGOPI yeah I have a problem.. I CANT STOP MAKING DOLLS! I love making them so now DD has too many but I ue the excuse that we will be having more kids so they will spread out between all of them : yeah i know,i kno.. bad excuse! . You and me both! DD loves them- considers them her doll family- like Marcella in Raggedy Ann.
Oh man I don't know how to do the picture thing. I am a waldorf doll maker so my DC have a ton- 8 or 9 between them. They sit in doll beds, stroller, wicker carriage, and sit places such as the floor, chair, doll chair, etc. We never pile them up or "store" them, we try and place them where a real person might be.
We have an old house- drafty in winter (and we live in Vermont!)~ it is usually around 66 degrees. We use wool and layer clothing. I make sure the kids' feet are warm, and their torso is warm. My older two have plenty of hair so I don't worry about hats indoors- my baby has only down on his head so he wears pilot caps still indoors when it's especially chilly. At night they wear warm pajamas and socks- and two quilts. I don't worry about their heads and they seem to be...
That's strange. . .
Isabel Wyatt (I think I got the name right) has some wonderful books which we love for older kids: The Seven Year Old Wonder Book King Beetle Tamer The Book of Fairy Princes.- Bob and Nancy's has got all of them. I think Amazon.com probably does as well. There are also the Tiptoes Lightly books by Reg Down, and Astrid Lindgren has got some good ones too such as the Pippi Longstocking books, and the Noisy Village books.
There is an MDC mama here who does an awesome early childhood curriculum: "Seasons of Joy". It's got songs, fingerplays, poems, activities, etc. It's fabulous. Also, the book A Child's Seasonal Treasury is full of wonderful-ness too. :
We use sheets of felt- and cut out appropriate Halloween shapes- jack-o-lanterns, a moon, bats, etc.
Your story is amazing and so powerful- thank you so much for sharing it with us! You are amazing and powerful!
I have 3 kids as well- ages 7, 4, and 19 months. They all 3 enjoy the play kitchen, barn, etc. and open ended toys such as blocks and playsilks. They are all at different developmental stages, and they each use those open ended toys in different ways.
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